Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Moving On

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Saturday, January 01, 2011



Friday, December 31, 2010

Before We Zoom In to 2011

In a few hours, it’s going to be a whole new year. Me and my cousins are ready to light up all the firecrackers, illegal or not, when the clock ticks 12. So before I finally sink my teeth to some gluttonous servings of lechon and drink the night away to numb life and heart problems for the new year to come, let me thank the people who made my 2010 a year to remember (aside from his member).
2010 has been a good year. It’s the year I was offered a part-time job in an NGO at the time when I was on my third day training as sales marketing officer at San Miguel Corporations in Ortigas. Naturally, I accepted the job for I knew that it would be easier for me to go back to school. And go back to school I did. After few calls to the University Registrar and letter addressed to the chancellor, I was a University student again. Life started again.
Being in a non-government organization with people who are selfless and who really thinks what’s best for the community, I was able to discover this side of me who finds fulfillment in helping real people with real problems. Thank you so much Mother Malu, Ate Pot, Ate Grace, Fati, Ate Jhelz and Ate Love! I hope to become truer to my job as an advocacy officer this coming year. I really do. Now that I have a planner, it wouldn’t be so hard.
2010 is the time when I changed residence twice, each transfer better than the last. I formed bonds with incredible people with ridiculous talents. In Color Bars, I get to work with key players in the News and Current Affairs Department of GMA-7 as GFX Motion Designer in at least two projects. It was fleeting to see your hardwork be actually shown on TV. It makes you want to do more. Thank you Sir Deo, Roma, and Ayla! I’m also thankful I became roommates with you Mark for you gave me a taste of what it’s like to be a researcher. I’d stay away from that job as long as I could.
After Color Bars, I moved in to Mico and Jan’s room, who are both adequate. It’s only been two months but I’ve got to say they’re the best roommates in the world. The two can be a great resource for anything creative and counsel. I hope to collaborate with you more this coming year roomies! And what would Mico be without Max? A woman who I always find so intimidating until 1611 Studio happened. Haha.
Oh yes, 1611 Studio. 2010 gave birth to a fine video production group formed by fine people. Mayee, my buddy, you’re the best production manager. You are as beautiful as you are kind. I only wish you could learn how to toughen up a bit. A bit. Maxiiieee, you still scare me sometimes because you are just so unpredictable but I love you just the same. The room is not the same without you. And to you Hyro, who is just two stone’s throw away (OK, maybe five) as I’m writing this, thanks for making the last few days of my 2010 a little less boring. Haha. And to Bianx, you sure know how to run a town. We’ll help you make Cineastes history this coming year!
This 2010, I also won new friends. Most notably Adrian Adriano, whose inspiring line “you are a butterfly” when we play doubles really works, thanks for introducing us to the best milk teas in the world! But the new ones are as good as the old. Thank you to Andrei, Monique, Choba, Cheska, Jono, Dreps, Misha, Sanya, Jewels, Santi, and all of Cineastes, Ate Deo, Martin, Dax, Carl yadah yadah yadah… it’s hard to remember names after seven bottles of beer. You guys know who you are! I love you guys!
2010 was a fun year. It was a good one both to my career and… uhm… yeah career. This coming year, is my year, the year of the rabbit (that doesn’t mean I will be unusually hornier this year, it works the other way). I hope to finish school, advance my career in both developmental work and video production, hopefully continue working with 1611 Studio and make it bigger, and win some more awesome friends, and not lose any of them anymore. Yes, I’m ready! Bringgit 2011!
Happy New Year Everyone!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Best Intentions

I am taking up my thesis this semester and after weeks of putting off meeting with my thesis adviser, I finally consulted with him this week. My thesis is a documentary on breakdancing in the Philippines but it would focus on these three dance groups in San Jose City. One of the things that really came out during my consultation is that it’s never enough to have the best intentions and that I should be ready for some serious compromise especially since it involves people with different background, upbringing and sensibilities.

Yes. It’s never enough to have the best intentions and this doesn’t just hold true in making documentaries, it could also happen in a friendship. It’s never enough that you have the best intentions because you’ll never know if you’re on the same page. Just because you go to the same university doesn’t mean you share the same ideologies and view points. What is acceptable to you might not be acceptable to him.

So the first on my list if I want to make this documentary to work is orientation for my dance crew/subjects where goals are set, and expectations are said and end-results are explained. I don't want to mess this up especially since this entails my career. I could care less about anything but that.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kara David and her bubble thoughts

Twitter has indeed changed the way people communicate and enable practically every individual from anywhere in the world to peer into someone's thoughts  most especially if one is a public figure or a celebrity. It's like going outside to find s/he can see all of people's bubble thoughts, those who have Twitter at least.

Kara David's Tweet that read, “news programs should be watched for the content and credibility of its news, not the looks and ‘sex appeal’ of its presenters,” has of late raised some eyebrows and had almost everyone go you are the daughter of Randy David with all these awards, I expected more from you. 
Kara David. Used without permission from mb.com.ph.
What are they saying?

People are overreacting. One thing they should realize is that Twitter is an extension of one's inner thoughts and David, a public figure that she is, is brave enough to expose hers. It's her thoughts. Whatever she thinks about Noli De Castro and Korina Sanchez's return to TV Patrol who she so referred to as newscasters with sex appeal and with which I hitherto disagree, shouldn't be read as something like a public announcement. People telling everyone how they have lost their respect for her should know better. Did they seriously believe these people are what they seem?  

I love Kara David and how she stages her documentaries and make it appear as though it weren't scripted at all. And I admire her boldness to expose herself like that in public although she did not stand by it. I guess that's 'cause she's got image to protect. Most Filipinos value delicadesa and tact so much so that they would snap when somebody comes out and expose herself like this even if what was said were so true.